Frozen here, Frozen there, Frozen everywhere!

Hello again,

   I just want to say that the Disney movie Frozen has taken over my life!  Now I know what you are thinking, it has taken over every mom's life.  Maybe, but the funniest thing happened a couple of days ago that gave me a tiny insy winsy panic attack... My sister had asked my daughter Isabella to borrow her Frozen dvd to lend out to her friend.  Of course Bella being the doll she is says, "OKAY!!!"  Slowly but surely I think of my daughters Frozen DVD locked up in a dungeon surround by marshmallow monsters.


 All right, not that dramatic but I felt it.  I had another incident happen to me today, at Target... That's right, the magical world of Target.  Bella and I were strolling through the pink isle of literally fairies, unicorns, and princesses when I noticed the Frozen costumes were finally stocked! I was giggling with excitement when I pulled both the Elsa and Ana outfits toward her to ask her which one she wanted, she slowly looks at them and goes... "Mommy I don't want that, I want the littlest pet shop blind bag."  The only thing I said to her was... "But Halloween is just around the corner..." I put the costumes back, my heart slowly deflating.  Seriously Paula! It is only JULY! I need to just let it go, let it go...


I am completely obsessed with that movie! I love the songs and I guess I use my 3 year old as an excuse to just watch it everyday, buy comforter sets, and hang an Elsa poster for her room.  Yes! Thumbs up to me!

Thank you for reading!!


Questions for the soul...

Anyone love Frozen as much as we do?

If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?

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