Frugal Betty

Oh what a beautiful day! I am so happy to see the sun out. We had a great play date today and now our daughter is sleeping. Upon waking I think I will feed her some lunch and head out. It is too nice to stay inside and we have been stuck inside all week! I am going nuts. As some of you know I am a stay at home mom.....when people hear that they assume I spend my days at the gym, getting nails done and eating Bon bons. It really bothers me. People would be surprised by how much we live off of. Somehow we make it work and we actually have a good system going and with faith in God we make ends meet. It isn't for everyone and some can't but we thought for us we would give it a try. It takes some creativeness and a lot of doing it ourselves and some couponing. Our first big cut was getting rid of cable. I know how could we right? Don't we miss our shows? Honestly not really....once you get past the detox of cable tv. I look at it this way....eventually we will get it back and what's more impt to me some reality shows or my child? We do have Netflix on our downstairs tv and we did get a small antenna (looks like a piece of paper) for the upstairs tv. We get the major channels like abc, NBC, fox and CBS for free. I can't record my shows but I do still have the option to watch prime time tv. I also discovered most of the networks I like have an app and most show full episodes. I really don't feel like I am missing out and it costs us 7.99 a month for Netflix. Not a bad deal. I also get my mom to cut my hair, I do my own nails, I shop second hand for clothes for me and the little one. I also shop a lot less for clothes and shoes. I don't need a wardrobe anymore for work. I eat just about every meal at home. My husband eats out for lunch at work and I know how sometimes that mental break is needed so we budgeted for that and we eat most dinners at home to offset that. Another great tip is walmart puts most items on sale on Wednesday morning. They get their shipment in that day and try to get stuff of the shelves in the morning. I can vouch for that because I went on a Wednesday afternoon and most associates were doing inventory and putting things out. Lastly, target allows for one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon for an item. One day I had a coupon for pampers and if you bought wipes too you got 2.00 off. Target had the diapers on sale plus a store coupon for wipes and diapers. You also got a ten dollar gift card with the purchase so for 7.00 I got a huge box of diapers and wipes. I used my target card and got another 5% off. Just ways to save! So, it takes time and creativeness but as you can see....I am not eating Bon bons and watching soaps!


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