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 "Better Living for Less!"  Learn 12 Business Strategies to Apply to Your Shopping for Food and Products for Your Home. 

Don't fall into traps of False Frugality by buying premade, convenience products you think are "cheap" that may not be that good for you or really even as cheap as you thought - generally not cheaper than home made.  I now and then review products and make a "Frugal" Judgement.

At my blog, you can find budget recipes for food, real food, all homemade, each with nutritional information and an informed discussion on cost, ingredients and money and time saving strategies. 

Although not all recipes are under $5.00, for a long period of time I've been posting recipes every week for a complete dinner for a family of four, six or eight for under $5.00.  (Rarely is there a dessert, though, sorry - I work hard to make each post fairly healthy!)  There are some old standbys, but also some surprises. 

While I'm not claiming to be a 'green' blog or a 'health' blog, it's not easy to eat in a healthy manner while watching your budget at the same time!  In food, all four areas:  money, green issues, health and cooking are all intertwined and all a part of what I pay attention to.

Another aspect of great cooking on a budget is knowing how to substitute and not wasting; you'll find extensive information on what to do with leftovers and various substitions.

Hope you'll visit and find something you can use; even better, find something you can share!





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