"Frugal vs. Shop-a-holic"

As I grow older I realize that I may have responsibility issues for someone who is twenty five.  I should be in a more stable point in my life.  Until now I never believed in the idea of a quarter life crisis. 

My bills are getting the best of me, my student loans just keep getting defered because I simply can not imagine paying it plus, rent, utilities, and phone bill.  Thats not that much to pay really!  I make about 300-350 a week.  I should be trying to save. 

When I was training as an americorps VISTA I learned that a lack of ability ot save money is the major reason people in america are prone to poverty.  I grew up in absolute poverty and I do not want to ruin my life before it has started.

Today I began to seek advice in one of my older, more financially responsible roomates.  As I alludded to before, the conversation ended with me once again resolving to work harder and make more money while saving.  It comes down to spending habits and sheer determination. 

 I wonder if other people who are mid to late twenties are feeling the same pressure to be able to make money and plan for the future?  What exactly are the goals and dreams of others like me?  Are the youth of today too focused on money and not focused enough of being a good person who enjoys life.  Where is the balance?  Should we live our early adult lives as misers in order to be free as older people?  Should I save now or waiit until a better job makes it easier?

My heart tells me to sacve wisely and where I am able.  I still want to be able to be social as well.  I will keep working hard towards a much needed promotion at the station.  I have decided that I need to use my artistic abilities to earn more income as well.  I do have a degree in design afterall. 

I will be responsible to myself and the adult I want to be.  Will I ever find the frugal side of myself, or will I always be a shop-a-holic? 

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