Frugality & Ethics: Deciding Where to Buy

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[Ever since I started really watching my spending a few years ago, I've struggled with wanting to support small businesses when their prices are way higher than a big box or chain store. Kristen takes on this question sent in by one of her readers in this thoughtful post. -Rita]

Frugality vs. Ethical Buying

For instance, at our neighborhood paint store, a gallon of paint is $42. (higher-end paint, not the cheap-o stuff) Similar-quality paint is about $25 at Home Depot. Or, at the independent scrapbook store, a sheet of nice cardstock runs close to $1, but at the national craft chain it’s about 60 cents. There’s a similar dilemma between farmers’ markets and the big grocery stores.

I can see paying more for better quality (local free-range chicken vs. supermarket birds), but when the quality is similar, should we pay the lower price and be frugal? Or support the small business and pay more?

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