Full of Choices Yet Still Dissatisfied

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Women have far more choices today than ever before. Yet, we remain extremely dissatisfied. Sometimes we hide it through distraction or busyness but deep down we're feeling something and it isn't fulfillment. Learn why this is and how you can delve deeper into this question.

Dissatisfaction. You can sense it everywhere. The office, the playground, the wine bar, those hideous home shopping parties. But nobody talks about it. We touched on it here:

“Like many 40-something, middle class women, my life looks good on paper. And it is…I have no reason, no right really, to complain…But I’m so tired all the time. I go from home to work and back again with barely any time to think… . I am fueled by two pots of coffee and a modest dose of Prozac every day yet I still can’t get out of my rut.”

Women rarely give voice to the feelings. We think we must be spoiled – aren’t we lucky to even have these problems? But we’re wondering if this is all there is. Did we pursue the wrong goals? What can we do about it now? We’ve already invested so much. But we are the lucky ones – the women who can have a career, a family, and pursue personal passions- so why aren’t we satisfied?

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Women Dissatisfied in Workplace

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