Full moon women's circle

“A ritual serves as a bridge to carry purposeful, symbolic meaning to the personal or collective conscious and subconscious mind. When consciously created and enacted, ritual can be transforming; linking the past, present, and future into a continuum that can be observed, felt, and learned from.” – Ruth Barrett

This past week, I met with three other women to begin what will be a monthly ritual to celebrate the full moon. This symbolically marks a new phase in my life – one where where a balance between work, Spirit and creativity is essential, and where I can learn and contribute among a supportive group of women. But let me back up a bit and tell you how this came to be.

A few years ago, I had an interesting conversation with two of my co-workers about the type of rituals available to women marking key milestones in our lives. Specifically, we talked about how wedding showers, baby showers and bachelorette parties often have an air of superficiality. ...Continue

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