Full speed ahead

Two days of new hire orientation down…four more to go. The first day was typical of any new job orientation. We went over the hospitals foundation, values, & mission. We also learned about the benefits the hospital offers to their employees. I am super excited about getting health insurance, especially considering I haven’t had any for the past two years!

Today we talked about infection control, falls precautions, HIPPA laws, skin care, & restraints. We finished off the afternoon with a 45 question med calculation math test. Thankfully we were able to use a calculator and “any reference material used in practice.” I brought my med-math book, my drug book, & my conversion cheat sheet. :-)

The next two days I’ll be sitting in front of a computer all day, learning how to use the electronic medical records system. Then on Friday I have Nursing Orientation Day 1. This weekend will be my last weekend working with my old folks at the nursing home. :-( Then it’s back to the hospital on Monday for Nursing Orientation Day 2. Tuesday finishes up orientation with our clinical experience orientation.

I found out who my preceptor will be for the next 12 weeks but I didn’t get to meet her since she works nights. I also received my schedule and guess what? I jump right in & start Wednesday night! I am SO excited to start. However, I got to thinking about it & I realized that Tuesday will be my 9th day in a row of working day shift…then I start working night shift the very next day. I’ve got to figure out how to switch from days to nights in the span of approximately 24 hours. Any suggestions?

I guess I can try to stay up as late as possible on Tuesday, which will be a challenge after working 9 days straight. Or maybe I’ll go to bed early, sleep a couple of hours, get up early & take a long nap Wednesday afternoon. I don’t know, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out. Worst case scenario: I spend my first night at work chugging coffee. Maybe they should consider having a standing order for a PRN dose of adrenalin for new nurses…

It's official!


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