Full-time VFX Blogger in LA

This just came across my desk yesterday:


From: Adam Mutchler
Date: Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 2:33 PM
Subject: Full Time VFX Blogger Position at my company... Hiring ASAP

I figured I'd put this out to various different networks in case there was a good referral in LA that fits the bill. Feel free to pass along any recommendations you have or pass this email along.

- Adam

My company, http://www.zoicstudios.com/ is currently looking for a replacement for our current blogger who's taken a bigger better job elsewhere. He's leaving soon, so the position is immediate.
3 month trial before full benefits and staff position. Zoic is best known for its Television FX works, currently doing the shows V, Fringe, True Blood, Mad Men, CSI, CSI Miami, and Battelstar Gallactica, and Firefly in the past. We also do a ton of feature film, commercials, game cinematics, and motion graphic work.

They'd be responsible for continuing our blog http://idesignyoureyes.com/

Salary is somewhat entry level, but not bad by entertainment industry standards in the least.

* Blogging and social networking experience a must. Must have writing samples and a blog (might be tough to get an interview without one)
* SOE optimization experience and some light html/dreamweaver abilities would be a plus but not essential.
* Wordpress, Facebook, twitter and social networking experience a plus.
* Ability to shoot and edit (FCP, Avid, Premier or Vegas) interviews and or be on camera interviewer is a plus but also not essential.

They're looking for someone who can understand some of the technical speak of VFX, has passing knowledge of how After Effects and other Compositing software and 3D software like Maya is used in filmmaking (watches a ton of behind the scenes and maybe has dabbled with After Effects, or pulling a bad green screen in Final Cut Pro,) loves scifi, fantasy, TV, and commercials and can straddle the line of PR and a hip interesting voice within the VFX industry. Writing skills are paramount as well as ability to think about how to generate traffic within the filmmaking community/commercial agency world. Traffic that could turn into potential additional jobs or awareness.

Must be able to generate blog post ideas, wrangle internal and external interviews to deliver approved posts several times a week. It's an onsite job at our Culver City office.

Contact: Adam Mutchler <adammutchler@gmail.com>

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