Fun and Easy DIY Pop-Up Card for Kids

As a mother, you are either a crafty mom or not. As for me I love crafts and thankfully so do my girls. I believe that "Creativity is not just a hobby, it is a lifestyle". While doing crafts options are multifold. Today I am doing a pop-up greeting card. Greeting cards made by kids are a great way to say "I Love You" to grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts or friends.

Here's how to make a decorative pop-up card. This makes for a great craft idea for kids. The pop-up card looks really attractive and is easy for kids aged 5 years+ to make.

What You'll Need

Things you need

  • Colorful sheets of paper A4 size
  • Heart shaped Punch
  • OHP sheet
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Glitter
  • Sketch Pens
  • Cutter

Select a Base Color

Select a Base Color

Firstly, select an attractive colored sheet for your card. Make sure you do not use a very thin sheet of paper.

Make an "M" Shape

Make the M Shape

To make an "M" shape at the center of the card start by drawing 2 lines on either sides of the center line. Draw the lines at a distance of 1.5cm. Once you draw the lines use a ruler to fold the lines and form an "M" shape at the center.

Punch the Shapes

Punch the Shapes

I used a heart shaped punch to get perfect heart shaped cut outs. Instead of a heart shaped punch, you can also use balloons, flowers or any other shape punch you like.

Make the Heart Pop-Ups

Heart Pop-Ups

To make heart pop-ups, use a cutter to cut thin strips from an OHP sheet. Then, stick 2 heart shapes on either sides of one end of the strip and you are done. Make around 20 heart pop-ups in one go.

Stick the Pop-Ups

Stick the Pop-Ups

Put some glue on one side of the "M" and stick the heart pop-ups at some distance. You can cut the pop-up strips of varying length for a better pop-up effect. Instead of glue you can also use double sided tape.

Get the Pop-Up Effect

After sticking the pop-up strips on one side of the "M" put glue on the other side and stick the 2 sides together to sandwich the hearts. Now when you open the card you will see a bunch of hearts popping up. You are going to love the hearts popping up at you!

Decorate the Card

Pop-Up Greeting Card

To decorate the card I used the popular Angry Birds theme. Use red, yellow, white and black colored paper cut-outs to make the Angry Bird. Decorate the rest of the card using sketch pens. I used a flower punch for flower shapes stuck on the grass. Use glitter for added decoration. Go ahead and decorate the card with your favorite cartoon character.

The best thing is to give the child a few crayons and see them decorate the card with their own imagination.

Here are a few cards decorated by kids.

Card Decorated By Kids

Card Decorated By Kids

You are done! The pop-up card is ready. Use it as a greeting card or write a personal message and give the card to a dear one.

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