Fun game to do at a family gathering.

Gift wrap a present in a box. Gift wrap the box in a larger box. Do it a total of three times. You are the only one who will know this. Use any gift you wish for the prize. (There were instant lottery tickets in this box.) 

Be sure to securely tape all loose paper, corners and seams. (Don't make it easy)

Whoever is next to you rolls a die until they roll a number 1. The person playing can try to unwrap the box until the 1 is rolled and they must stop.

Box is passed person to person and the person on the left of the unwrapper is the one to roll the die. The one to open the last box is the winner of the prize.

This is a fast paced, fun game.

This can be played at any gathering. Christmas, birthday party, shower....etc.

By the way... the person doing the unwrapping must wear oven mitts on each hand.

Have fun!

The winner!



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