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You've heard the song, you've sung the song, you've marvelled at the weirdness of the video. Now it's time to watch the spoofs. Lady Gaga is now so popular, spoofs of her songs are all over the internet. That includes her latest viral video, "Telephone" -- and it's only appropriate that it features the previous queen of the viral video, Beyonce, whose "Single Ladies" video last year had everyone, young and old, large and small, black and white, hairy and bald, taking a turn on the "Single Ladies" dance floor.  And spawned a slew of "Single Ladies" spoofs.

Now it's Gaga's turn. First, the original.

But have you seen the Afghanistan troop version?It stars some troops in Afghanistan who evidently have secret desires of being back up dancers for Gaga when they come home. It's had more than 3 1/2 million hits.

Now let's face it, these spoofs aren't nearly as easy to pull off as they might seem. That's 'cause Gaga is almost her own spoof. Beer-can hairstyles? Cigarette glasses!? How do you beat that!?

My second-favorite, by Lady Gagita and Benzonce, gives it a go. What I love about this one is it doesn't copy the cigarette sunglasses and the beer-in-the-hair, and while low-rent, it's well edited and has some great sight gags.

From WereRandom is my next pick. This one stars a cute young lady who's got a message for a nasty telemarketer: "Stop calling, stop calling, I don't wanna buy your product."

Then there's the Gaga who's picked up from jail by her Brit father who rails against her new Gaga lifestyle.  It's worth listening to the guy's awful singing at the beginning to hear his "Dad" railing against "him" at the end.

Then there's this low-budget gem.

This final one is from Los Pichy Boys of Miami. It's the "Cuban" version.

And what would a viral video be without some controversy? With the Beyonce "Single Ladies" video, it was about the choreography. With "Telephone" it's about a leaked demo version of the song by none other than Britney Spears. According to Entertainment Weekly, Britney's producer, Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins confirmed that the demo was indeed Britney. Her version is a little smoother than Gaga's but I like it.

So that's my Gaga "Telephone" roundup. In closing, I just want to say one thing:

"Stop calling, stop calling, I don't want to talk anymore...Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, ehhhhhhhhh!"

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