Fun Puppet and Theatre Project! Fun for Kids and Adults

I have three, beautiful nieces, as of right now they are 5, 4 and about to be 1. Having two boys myself I always get excited for their birthdays and holidays so I can buy girl presents. Well this year I bought a sewing machine and I was super excited to get to make something for them. So for my niece Kendall's first birthday I made hand puppets, and my mom and dad made a theatre. Here is the breakdown of how I made the puppets.


The Puppets I found a pattern online, very basic but it did the trick. Here it is. Here's what I bought: 1 yd of flannel (beige) was more than enough at Walmart (bad choice, the fabric was not easy to work with) 1 pack of felt 8.5 x 11's at Michael's, great to work with 2 packs of googley eyes Easy Sewing I traced the pattern onto the fabric with a sharpie, cut it out and straight stitched it with my sewing machine. You could easily hand sew these as well. For the puppets that had hair, I sewed the yarn in (keep the long side in since you will be flipping the puppet after you sew). That part was pretty simple. Puppet Clothes I made clothes out of extra felt pieces then glued Velcro to the doll and the clothes so the girls could change their outfits. I also considered leaving the girls with the extra fabric so they could make their own puppet clothes and decorate them with jewels or glitter. Would be a fun craft to do. Theatre My brilliant parents made this. They used tension curtain rods. Sewed casings and put the rod through the curtains. This has three rods one for the top, one for the yellow curtains and one for the bottom. They also added a white board so the girls could write the name of the play. My original idea was to make the entire theatre out of felt then make props out of felt so they could change scenery, but we didn't have time. This turned out great and is easy to take down and put up so it doesn't take up space.


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