Fundraising Close To Home

Fundraising for a cause.  I've been doing this for years....Nothing new.  I was fundraising coordinator for various clubs in college and did some volunteer fundraising in high school.  Admittedly, all of this was to pump up my resume. As sad as that sounds...its the truth.   

Although, this time is different.  Instead of fundraising for money to support my clubs or a well known non-profit affiliation, this cause is close to home.  My Dad needs a double lung and kidney transplant.

As I mentioned previously, he was a grateful receiver of a double lung transplant years ago.  However, his body finally caught up to him.  A worry all transplant recipients face daily.  His body is literally attacking his foreign lungs, as he has entered a state of chronic rejection.  With all of the incredible medical advances in the last ten years, there is little doctors can do to stop this, except to try another transplant.  But, not just the lungs.  You see, the multiple drugs he takes daily to help prevent rejection or infection has caused a number on his kidneys.  They have given up and are also starting to fail.  Without this transplant, it is unknown how much longer he can live. 

His medical costs are not the worry.  Although the costs of the actual surgery are astronomical, his hospital has been a life saver (literally) in picking up the tab.   However, after the surgery it is a requirement that he spend at least 3 months in recovery next door to the hospital, in what they call the Home-tel.  During their recent check-up at the hospital, the doctors and social workers showed concern that a savings had not been set up to account for bills during those 3 months when my mother cannot work and both will be living hundreds of miles away from home. 

For this reason, we (my family) are coming up with fundraising ideas for this summer.  Our hope is that my parents can go through this time without worry of house payments, food, gas, etc. 

Our ideas so far:  bake sale, car wash, community spaghetti dinner or pancake breakfast  and a coin drive. 

First up....Bake sale!!! I CAN bake, I do it daily in the lab at work (although you wouldn't want to eat anything I'm coming up with in there!).  But, where do I find the time!  I'm thinking easy things.  People like simple desserts anyways, right?  

Maybe, double chocolate mini loafs, lemon bars and peanut butter cookies....mmmm


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