Fundraising Irregularities - A BFD

Of course all the news this week seems to be about how righteously Mitt Romney trounced Barack Obama in the first presidential debate on Wednesday. This is fine by me. It’s a bit like an early Christmas for this beleaguered conservative voter. I needed a victory and this one was most welcome.


I was, at first anyway, thoroughly impressed with the Republican nominee’s command of the issues and the way he seemed to out-shine the heretofore dazzling incumbent. Later, and after watching clips here and there on the net, I concluded that it’s possible that the president was either poorly prepared, suffering from altitude sickness as Al Gore suggests, on drugs as one Democrat strategist suggested, or perhaps Bob Woodward, of Watergate fame was correct. Perhaps something in his personal or presidential world had rattled him.


What I have to say about that is this; it would have to be a real BFD to catch this polished politician unprepared. Since his wife attended the event, I’m pretty sure she hasn’t left him, so matrimonial discord is probably not the problem. Since the White House has kept it’s proverbial cool through terrorist attacks and the murders of members of the Diplomatic Corps, I’m guessing it’s not a presidential matter in the larger sense.


Then, this morning I ran across a report on which suggested that in the very near future a well-known website and publication will be breaking a scandalous story concerning fundraising illegalities involving pre-paid credit cards and overseas donations which probably break the rules around fundraising. Humm. This would not be a new issue for this White House. At the end of the 2008 campaign, there was a report in the Washington Post bringing up similar allegations so if it’s a fundraising beef that’s upsetting the President it must be a whopper.


I suppose we’ll have to wait patiently while the media sorts this out – that would be the media who is just returning to normal after their hysteria following the debate. For my part, I’m looking for Mitt Romney pins to immortalize the big win on Wednesday night….I’m all about spiking the ball this week.


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