Funny Business: A Comedy Writer's Dream

I love when something is really funny and makes me lol or laugh out loud. Like when I'm watching Modern Family...what a trip that show is. And not to toot my own horn, but my recent parody videos on YouTube of Flo from Progressive, Kim Kardashian, and others have me laughing a lot. (Which surprises me, because I am my own worst critic). Jimmy Fallon just gives that look into the camera and I die; what is it about him that just reeks of funniness?? Physical comedy always gets laughs too like Amy Poehler in Baby Mama or Melissa McCarthy in various shows. Comedy has always been very close to my heart but I don't think I realized it until a few years ago when I started doing many comedy sketches and short films. I want to make people laugh and forget about all the crappy crap in their world, at least momentarily. I want to focus on funny and maybe be the person people go to when they need a laugh. I recently read Jane Lynch's book 'Happy Accidents' and it gave me tons of inspiration as an actress/comedy writer. Now, I didn't laugh when I read that book...I cried. A lot...but many were happy tears for her because she went on that long journey and came out on the other side. I am on that same's just taking me a long time because I make a lot of pit stops at Starbucks...and McDonald's...

When I do eventually get 'there', I hope coffee is cheaper! Kidding...not really! Now here is the most important part of this blog: If you do not stay with me on this journey and bring along all of your friends & family etc., I may never get there. As funny as I am, I'm only 5' tall and who's gonna see me way down here!! I mean Jane Lynch is like 7' tall, NO FAIR!!

I hope this blog today has made you realize that not only will McDonald's probably never go out of business...but funny people, truly funny people are hard to come by. So if anybody is looking for one, I'll be at Starbucks! In the meantime, check me out on YouTube! xoxo Melissa



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