Funny Not Funny

Sorry I haven't written....I especially apologize to all of my followers. Both of them. Hey at least I have followers. It could be worse, right? As a comedy writer, I feel like I should be funny all the time but sometimes it's hard to be all 'Ellen DeGeneres'! There is a lot of pressure when people expect funny. Some days I just want to take nude photos so they can get 'leaked' and I can finally get real followers... and lots of them. No offense to my two followers. This just isn't sounding good for me. I mean I get it why Kim Kardashian runs around half-dressed but when you're me and often times feeling like a 40-footer (I look good from 40-feet away but the closer I get, well you know) it's just easier to be the funny girl.  Ok, so I'm just kidding but what I am trying to say is: I'm funny dammit and I'm a woman now hear me roar!!!! Check me out on YouTube ( or follow me on Twitter ( and PLEASE follow me on Blogher!!!!  It would really make my day:)






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