Future History - 5 steps to manifest what you want

These days a lot of people are getting into law of attraction, causing miracles and cosmic ordering.  But, I was really interested to discover that, the greatest boxer of all time, Mohammad Ali used visualisation throughout his boxing career.  He referred to his process of visualisation as “Future History”

In the days leading up to a fight he would create a vision in his mind of him holding up the winning belt over his head and hear the referee declaring him to be the winner.  Ali would feel the lights on him, hear the crowd cheering and chanting his name.  He would feel the feelings of being the champion.  Ali directed all of his energy and focus into making this a reality.

On the day of the fight he would be ready.  Ready in his body.  Ready in his mind.  In fact as far as his mind was concerned he had already won the fight.  Therefore, throughout the fight his subconscious mind would be looking for opportunities to make this happen.

Pretty cool, right?  What’s even cooler is the fact that we can all do this. In fact, I was doing this as a child.  I remember that I was put in a science group for gifted and talented children.  I hated my science teacher as he always picked on me but I was such a good girl that I never told anyone.  Anyway, I used to ‘daydream’ about the day that he would leave the school and I would no longer have to be in his science group.  I cant remember how often I would have this daydream but, the day finally came when this teacher was required to support children in another class., which meant I no longer had to be in his group.  Luck or Future History – you make up your own mind.  Personally, I believe that it was more than a case of luck or mere coincidence.

Despite my natural ability to work with the Universe to manifest my heart’s desires I didn’t really start to use it on a regular basis until I was in my late teens that I really started to work with the energy of the Universe in order to manifest everything from a new outfit for a hot date to that new job that everyone said that was not qualified to do.  Many said that I was “lucky” but I knew that it was much more than that.  Through focused positive thought and visualisation I was working with the Universe and God to manifest my heart’s desires.

Why not give it a go for yourself by following these 5 easy steps……

Future History

PS One last word of advice – Be sure of what you want and only use it for manifesting good things.  Using this to steal someone’s boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife, for example, is not good.  And what goes around comes back around 10 times harder. -x-


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