Future Mama Drama--Am I Alone?

I've seen countless articles full of advice for moms with kids. Especially for women who have young children--Potty training seems to be a difficult task. It's fun glancing at those articles, and possible storing a tip or two to pull out several years from now when that's a problem I'm having to tackle. It's fun to hear about pregnant women, advice on pregnancy and what to expect... And it's fun even reading about women trying to conceive... But what about moms-to-be who are just a step back from that? Women who are thinking about TTC but not quite ready for that? Women who have questions about what to think about BEFORE you're tying to bring a child into this world--Women who want to be as ready as they can be?

"Ready," from what I hear that's not something you can ever really be before you have a child, but I beg to differ. I think the reason a lot of people say that's the case is because they didn't try. They use that common cliche to excuse themselves from learning what they can beforehand. I guess pregnancy gives you nine months to prepare to have a baby but by then it's too late to turn back.

I've heard women say they wish they had known this or that about birth control so it would have been easier to conceive when they were ready--Why don't we talk about those things? If there's one thing I've learned it's that moms LOVE to share their advice--Welcomed or not... So why not share secrets to things you with you had known before you had children? There must have been something you wish you had known before... That's the beauty of hindsight!

Future Mommy's like myself would appreciate it if you could spill the beans, share your secrets, if you will... Cause I think there are more moms-to-be looming in the shadows than you think, standing in the doorway, waiting to walk into the room your room of motherhood. We're trying to find the right time--If there is such a thing. It's a big step, and we want to be as prepared as we can be.



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