Fuzzy Brain: A Menopausal Phenomenon

Fuzzy brain is a weird condition of menopause...a well-documented syndrome in which the afflicted struggles to have a complete thought as a result of the cataclysmic evacuation of estrogen from the system. Who knew estrogen really made one think clearer? By the way, this is not a scientific theory, more of a menopausal hypothesis.

Earlier this morning, I was checking out some recent posts from my favorite blogs and came across one about buying things in multiple which made me think of a recent fuzzy brain faux pas story which related to multiples purchases. For those of you who aren't familiar with multiples purchasing, it basically means when you find something that looks good on you, taste good to you, or fits you, you buy it it in every color or flavor (for me that would be shoes and girl scout cookies).

So where does the fuzzy brain syndrome fit in with multiples purchasing?

I believe this photo speaks for itself...

I took this glamorous ped-shot with my iphone midday at a board meeting after looking down in horror, apparently for the first time that day, to discover I had worn two different colored shoes. After my discovery I didn't hear a thing in the meeting. I was immersed in a detective-like retracing of my mismatched steps leading up to the sighting. My fuzzy brain was racing...Who had I talked to? Did anyone try to give me a clue? Would there be a new fashion rage at the hospital system of trendy wannabes working the two-different-colored-shoes look?

I wish I could tell you that this was the first time I had done anything like this but that would be a lie. No, fuzzy brain syndrome and I go way back...there was the time I went on three hospital site visits with an old band-aid stuck to the back of my head or the conference I went to with my shoes on the wrong foot and limped around a good part of the day before I realized it. Yes, I am no stranger to menopausal fuzzy brain ( as many of my loving facebook friends reminded me when I posted the foot shot on my wall), the only difference was that when I launched the two-different-colored-shoes look, I had a temporary lapse in fuzzy brain and the forethought to know that this had to be captured by photo.

Hope it made you smile.  Thank you to Writing Without Periods (what a great name!) for dislodging my writer's block and giving me a topic for today!

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