Garrett McCord

Garrett McCord began the blog Vanilla Garlic in 2006 as a way to learn about food and a means to practice his writing. His blog has been featured in numerous websites and publications such as The Miami Herald, The Sacramento Bee, and The Philadelphia Inquirer. 

He also writes as a contributing author on Simply Recipes and Food Blog Alliance, and is a staff writer for Edible Sacramento magazine. His food writing has also appeaered in the Sacramento News and Review, The Sacramento Bee, Sierra Style, and Sacramento Magazine. In 2008 some of his recipes were featured in the UK cookbook Great Big Vegetable Challenge. 

He is currently working on his graduate thesis analyzing the rhetoric of the Slow Food movement in his English Composition program at CSUS. He has taught and tutored high school, college, and ESL students writing for five years. 

Garrett can be found on Twitter at @GarrettMcCord.

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