Gadget Tree: Confused by Herbs? There's An App For That!

Ready to get more creative with (and take the fear out of buying) all those beautifully  fresh and fragrant herbs you’re seeing in the market?

Herbs+All HerbsHerbs+ is a field guide to almost every kind of basic herb you use for cooking.

A great photo with each herb helps illustrate exactly what the herb looks like... so you can tell parsley from cilantro. The Culinary Ideas tab gives info about how an herb tastes, how it’s usually used and how you can use it in a dish (ever thought of using sorrel with strawberries?).

There are also tips on the herb’s medicinal use— did you know that chives help prevent premature aging? (Yep, I’m stocking up on chives this weekend at the farmers market!)

The gardening tips are especially useful, if you’ve got the terroir for such an endeavor. You’re not going to be able to grow cinnamon in Chicago, but rosemary will thrive… and most likely even survive the winter.

If want a deeper dive, there’s a link to Wikipedia to give you even more info about the herb. The App also a handy tab for taking notes.

Like I said in the beginning, this is a very basic guide… it won’t have some of the more exotic herb cousins (for example, lemon basil or Mexican oregano). But it’s an easy way to learn about herbs and push past your fear of trying a strange smelling little green bushy thing.

And besides… this App is 100% guaranteed to spice up your phone. Just had to say it.


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