The True Meaning of Family with Gallo Family Vineyards

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Wine & Dine

I feel blessed to have such a large, unique family in my life. Family is so important. I'm also a firm believer that your family doesn't have to be blood hand pick some of your family and those would be the friends you choose to have in your life! Most of my friends I consider to be my family. I've had friends who I've known most of my life (and some who I randomly met via blog world) and we've been through it all together... that is family to me....more

Grab A Glass & Stay Awhile. Would Ya?

More so than just entertaining, I love entertaining close friends and family. Since purchasing our first home, inviting parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, nieces, neighbors, new friends, old name it over to eat, drink and just downright enjoy the company of one another has become a new favorite hobby of mine....more

Celebrating Family with Gallo Family Vineyards

In my home, family includes those who sit around my family table and share meals together. Let's be honest: food is important to my group! Sometimes my fellow diners happen to be my parents, Justin's parents, and our siblings. Sometimes that family happens to be a good blogging friend who breaks bread in person at the table. I am so thankful to have a number of new friends that have been forged through a blogging connection....more

How Do You Define Family? Tell Us and Win $100!

When I think of "family," I think of two things, simultaneously and equally. I think of my literal family: My beloved daughter and husband, my parents and sisters, and my relatives, whether via blood or marriage. At the same time, I think of my "family" -- that is to say, those friends who are like family to me, who are of my heart, and on whom I depend utterly....more

Family Gatherings mean Wine Gatherings

Family means different things to different people. For some, family ties are about arelation by blood. For many Americans, family means people brought together for a variety of reasons. You and your spouse...extended family...or even blog friends. My favorite thing to do with my family is to enjoy good food and spend time together around the dinner table with a bottle of wine....more

Hosting a Great Casual Night In With Friends

Around the table sat two of my closest friends -- ones who've traveled the road from the carefree days of teenagedom to the very grown-up moments of adulthood. Whenever I think of that evening, I smile. But it's not the food that I remember most. It's the warmth that comes with feeding the ones you love. The night was filled with laughter, joy and all the good things that come with friends sharing a meal....more

A Different Definition Of Family

I consider myself to be extremely blessed. I am one of the fortunate people in this world who is surrounded by a diverse and unusual family. Most people define family as a group of people who live under one roof and are related by blood, marriage, or long-term commitment. My definition of family is vastly different because of the unique circumstances of my life. There are so many different ways to build a family and I've been lucky to experience a lot of them....more

The True Meaning of Family Involves Wine

And with a family of this size, you'll inevitably get a function or 27 that involves a meal. And when you get that many people together for a meal, you will probably - definitely - have a bottle or two of vino. I mean, what's a good meal among a family of Irish/Yugoslavian/German/Italian descent without a bottle of wine? It makes those family gatherings that much better - takes the edge off Aunt Martha's sniping, makes Uncle Joe's corny jokes downright hysterical, and allows you to completely ignore the fact that good old nephew Wilbert has dumped his peas down your floor vents. Again....more

The Meaning of Relative is Relative: How I Define Extended Family

We've seen each other through birth, death, infidelity, divorce, sickness, injury (those last two are just because of me) and some knock-down, drag-out board game fights. We have cried, laughed hard, eaten a lot of candy, scared off wild animals, sang karaoke, and stayed up all night long. Basically, it's a three-night slumber party for adults. These are the people who I can call if I ever need anything. We don't see each other nearly enough, but we can always count on those few days to reconnect and become a GGW family again....more

GIVEAWAY + My Internet Family

I have multiple families. I have the good 'ol blood relations, the long time friends, and then I have my online family. Some people may think my internet friends aren't real (it does sorta sound crazy... internet friends), but they are (I swear, they really are). I've connected with people that I would never have known if it wasn't for blogging. Some amazing people that I love and consider part of my friend family....more