Gallo Pinto: A New Staple

I chose to add Seasonal and Savory’s Gallo Pinto to this month’s meal plan because it looked quick and easy and used simple ingredients. I don’t know what I was expecting but I was definitely surprised by the satisfying deliciousness that we sat down to on Friday night.

I followed the recipe nearly exactly, the only change being the substitution of 1 tbsp of the sauce from a can of chipotles in adobo for the chile paste

The simple and short list of ingredients yielded big flavor: Sweetness from the carrots, heat from the chipotle sauce, freshness from the cilantro and lime. And yet, all that flavor was balanced and softened by the silky smoosh of beans, the fluffy carbiness of rice and the comforting slurpiness of fried egg.

You may recall my worry that The Hubs would complain about the general lack of meat in our meals lately. Instead, he wolfed the Gallo Pinto back, declared it awesome and said he would happily feast on it again any day.

What I like best about this meal is how basic it is. Since it’s quick to make, uses ingredients that I tend to have on hand, and was adored by all, I know that I will make it again and again, most likely saving it for those crappy days when all other plans have gone to heck.

Do you have a meal or recipe that saves you on crappy days? Do tell!

Head over to Seasonal and Savory for the Gallo and Pinto recipe. Tell Angela that Chris sent yah!

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