Game Knitting!

yarn"Make a game of it." It was a phrase in an office where I used to work. We did truly tedious work and it got darned boring sometimes. One of my bosses was always telling us to make a game of it. How many pages could we do in an hour? How many lines of data could we enter (correctly) in 20 minutes?

I was reminded of it as I was I was blog surfing (as I do well, all the time) and found a post about game knitting at The Yarn Yard. She heard about it on Leethel and well, I'm intrigued.

For those who don't know what game knitting is (I didn't) it's a bit like a drinking game. Instead of taking a shot or a drink when x happens, you switch from knitting to purling. Or change colours. Or whatever else you can think of that sounds like fun.

I don't think I could socks the way that the Yarn Yard did but I'm thinking I could make myself one funky scarf. I do love that she used the bus stopping and starting as her game. Kind of makes me wish I commuted. And that my cranky wrist would stop being so cranky and I could start knitting again.

What you think of game knitting? Have you tried it? What would your game look like?

Photo credit: Curt Smith on Flickr.

Contributing Editor Karen Ballum also blogs at Sassymonkey and Sassymonkey Reads.


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