Game of Thrones, Mockingbird Best Moments

Hot Pie Bakes, Someone Gets Mooned, and the Champions Are Chosen in this week’s Game of Thrones, “Mockingbird”.

Yup, you read that right, Hot Pie is back! Another great episode of Game of Thrones aired on Sunday, but we’ll have to wait two weeks before the next one airs. So let’s get this party started!

Best of Game of Thrones Mockingbird by Confession Girl

Tyrion Is Visited By Three Potential Champions

The first visitor is Jaime. Though, the exchange between Jaime and Tyrion is a brotherly banter, the end result is just the beginning of Tyrion’s heartbreak. Tyrion’s frustrations are pretty evident, the odds are stacked against him. Maybe deep down Tyrion knows that Jaime cannot be his champion, so he lashes out by saying, “You are the golden son. You can kill a king, lose a hand, and fuck your own sister. You will always be the golden son.” Jaime tells him to be careful, he is the only one in his corner. This scene is just the beginning of Tyrion’s rejections.

Tyrion’s second visitor is Bronn. The Bronn we see is a fancier version of himself, and we know Cersei has gotten to him. For some reason this is a bigger blow then his brother’s inability to fight for him. Maybe because Tyrion truly believed that Bronn was his friend. But, we can’t fault Bronn for this, he says the truth to Tyrion, “When have you ever risked your life for me?” If things were reversed would Tyrion have volunteered for Bronn? Tyrion realizes Bronn is right, he gives his friend a handshake and a farewell. Bronn actually seems saddened by this exchange. In some weird way, this made me sadder then Jaime not being able to fight for Tyrion. This would be his second rejection.

Tyrion’s final visitor is Prince Oberyn. This final visit begins with so much darkness it reminds me of Ned Stark’s final days in the dungeons. Oberyn’s visit at first, feels like he’s only come to stick the knife deeper into Tyrion’s heart. Oberyn tells Tyrion he’s meet him before when he was an infant. He tells him of the horrid tales people said of him having red eyes, a claw, a tail, and a monstrous head. Tyrion tries very hard to hold back the tears as Oberyn continues to tell him that Cersei not only spat venom towards him, but she actually abused him. At this point Tyrion can’t imagine anything good coming from this conversation, and neither do we. But, Oberyn surprises us by declaring himself Tyrion’s champion.

There is actual relief in Tyrion’s face! Can this be the answer we’ve been hoping for? We know the Red Viper (Oberyn) is one of the best swordsmen in King’s Landing, but what are his odds against The Mountain? Oberyn hates the Lannister’s, does that mean he also hates Tyrion too? If Oberyn wins this fight would he be in danger from Cersei and Tywin? I can’t imagine us having a happy ending here, but it doesn’t stop me from hoping for one!

Loyalty and Baked Goods

Though, this scene was short, it had quite a bit of power. Brienne and Pod stop for a bite and rest at an inn. Our favorite little baker, Hot Pie has been sold to the inn and brings out kidney pie to our pair. Brienne decides to take a leap of faith and tell him the reason they are traveling, and her oath to Cat Stark. Hot Pie does not take the bait.

However, in the morning as Pod and Brienne prepare to leave, Hot Pie comes out with a direwolf cookie, and tells Brienne that she looks like a lady that can be trusted. He tells them that Arya is still alive and traveling with the Hound. Yes! We have two more characters on their way to the Eyrie. Will we get the Brienne/Stark girls reunion or will Thrones continue to play with our hearts just to break it?

Watch and Learn

The episode is called “Mockingbird,” which is the House Baelish emblem, but I think it fits well in describing The Hound and Arya’s exchange this week. The Hound takes an opportune moment to teach Arya on an effective way to kill a man: by sticking the sword right through the heart. It so happens that she would have a victim she could try her new lesson on! Arya not only stabs Rorge right through the heart, but then wipes his blood off her blade just like The Hound did. She’s learning quickly.


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