Game of Thrones: Who did it?

Reasons: No one knows pies like grandma. Re-watching the episode it’s quite interesting how much they focus on the Queen of Thrones. She is portrayed as a bold woman, and like Tywin she controls the fortunes of the Tyrell family line. We know she can go toe to toe with just about anyone, but what is her motive for killing King Joffrey? Margaery wouldn’t be queen without a proper ‘seal the deal’ bedding ceremony, right?

However, she did not approve of the Ser Loras and Cersei match, could this be the reason? Lady Olenna would have the opportunity to add the poison in the pie, but that could be ineffective. Was she suspiciously close to King Joffrey’s wine goblet throughout the reception? What about her best line of the episode, does it give way to her boldness, “Who would kill a man at a wedding? Only a monster!”

Interesting, very interesting! Who do you think killed King Joffrey? If you're a book reader please don't spoil for us non-book readers.



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