Well since we've all been going through this mess for about a week, I've made myself go to bed and ignore it all for a few hours each day.  Denial is the best strategy for now, because to think of another Katrina would just be too much.  Gustav keeps jogging west, but so did Katrina.  And then the "ole girl" threw us a curve and jogged 250 miles east at the last second.  
"They ALWAYS jog east at the last second!"  At least that's my oceanic observation during my lifetime of growing up around here.  
     Regardless, to cheer things up a bit around the household, we've decided to instill a "You Know You're a Kid from New Orleans When" joke, if you can say "What's the latest track Mom or Dad?"  We noticed our son saying that tonight, and decided to take a break from the news.  I've tried to keep it as normal as I can for the past 3 days.  We've regularly, regardless of community anxiety, gone to lunch everyday, followed by a trip to the park for swinging.  Then during naps I would return to "freaking" and then smiles again when W woke.  
     Today we started tying down patio furniture, clearing out the fridge, pulling in topiaries, pulling in the "New Orleans Renaissance" yard flag (ironic), washing cloths to pack, washing the dishes up, putting things up high away from possible flooding, taking photos for insurance, taping windows (in case they shatter they won't blow through your home) and basically stabilizing anything that could have "flying shrapnel" potential.  
     We'll watch the 10 or 11 pm track and then head to bed again.  Then wake and hope the track is even farther away.  If it is, then great.  Then my only concern will be "will the levees hold?".  This will truly be a test for the the Army Corps.  Things are already going SOOOO much smoother than with Katrina.  The National Guard is here, Bobby Jindal is wonderfully in charge and Chertoff was here days ago.  Now, the GOP IS next week tentatively, but I don't think that's the motivation to get down here, but it may be the motivation to "do it right this time" and that sits fine with me.   Just think, an entire election might depend on whether New Orleans levees hold!  I mean if we float away, that can't be good for McCain....right?
     Regardless, we'll get some sleep tonight (the shock is over and acceptance has set in) and hopefully have fresh legs for tomorrow.  Word has it that the highways are already full.  I'm glad people are taking this seriously.  People are definitely listening because New Orleans is as "quiet as a mouse" tonight.  
     So this is my "real" entry for the day and I'll try to keep them up if I can.  I've downloaded my mobile settings so I will at least be able to send out photos and short entries on the road.   Believe me, if I were single with no kids, fresh out of college with my journalism degree, I'd love to hunker down somewhere with food and water to document this.  Saying "GUSTAV!  BRING IT ON!"  But ahhhh nevertheless, I'm a mom, who could have given a rats ass about her journalism degree, until noticing it's affects slowly resurfacing post-Katrina via a Mom's Blog! LOL.  Who would have thought that Katrina and Gustav would have been the "teachers" who finally got me to go to class.  Or maybe it's the therapy of it all.  A way to channel the anxiety of day-to-day routines.  And yet now we have Gustav! LOL......Well the ole feller certainly spiced things up a bit, didn't it?
     As of now, we are going to try and get out of dodge Sunday morning.  Full contraflow yes, but Jindal instilled "dual contraflow" this afternoon and I think that will help.  We're going to try and make lemons into lemonade and take a short Labor Dayish holiday.  My husband will be able to play golf, W will love the beach and hopefully we can at least forget about it for a little while before we accept the card that's played by Gustav.  And who knows?!?!.....
maybe he'll fold......
"W" goes to New Orleans!

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