Gamers over 50

Hi I'm a gamer and I'm over 50. I don't know if anyone will read this, but hope so. I'll tell you how I got started gaming. I was suffering from depression I was dianosed with by-polar. My son I have one but I have another one that's like a son.They told mom why don't you play some games on your wii. I was just using it to watch netflex. So they bought me my first game, it was Zelda. I started playing and got hooked. It got me out of the depression, now mind you I do take medication. But it can only do so much. The medication is suppose to even metout, because with by-polar I was happy are very up, to where I would go shopping and spend a lot of money. Then some of my bill would be pass due, I would end up getting something disconnected. Then there were those days where I would be so down I would stay in bed for days. Gaming helped me so much, it made me feel better about myself. So if I become a blogger on here, I'll tell you what I know about different games. I will never tell you how to win, but just try and get you motivate to play and just maybe it will help you like it helped me.  Thank you so much for reading this.

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