gardengoatquote A goat's journey over life's mountains and molehills


A goat's journey over life's mountains and molehills...a humourous look at everyday family life.

A most treasured friend once while reading an email listing all the birth sign attributes possible, suddenly realized that with my birthday being in January I was indeed a “Capricorn.” This sign was described has having two creatures in its category of “goat.” The sign of the high roller, Capricorn is regarded as the zodiac’s top, but also quiet, life and business achievers. But, there are two very different types of Capricorns.

The first is represented by the mountain goat, always climbing higher and higher; never content until reaching the top. The second is the garden goat, with little adventurous spirit or ambition-happy to remain within a small domain, refusing to budge unless it is pushed.

Hence...I became affectionately known as the “Garden Goat” and so here I am. I don’t really believe too much in these signs but what is written about Capricorns is amusing- “Capricorns make the best, strongest and most capable friends in the entire zodiac.”…if not…certainly the craziest…I am proud to say.

I live with 9 children (kids?) and yes all my own…same marriage…ect..etc..

For years everyone has told me that I should have my own show or at least write a book…like there is time for that! So as a tradeoff while waiting for yet another of laundry to dry…I thought I would try a blog-The Garden Goat Quote!