Gardening 2012...The Worst Job is First

Today I gave into temptation--I worked in the gardens. I know...I's too early, it's only March 19th, I should wait until the first or second week of April, which is my tradition. .But I had to get outside and get started....nothing was going to stop me.


Seeds in a Box


We're having an unusually warm early spring it was in the 80's today....ugh! If you read my guest post on you'll understand how New Englanders spend a lot time talking about the weather.

First Chore of the Season Cutting Back Monster Grasses


One of my least favorite gardening chores is cutting back my monster grasses. I have three HUGE mounds that line my side porch. I love how tall and thick they grow, the rustling sound they make on a breezy summer night and how their messiness pisses my neighbor off....stop it Kraken....I made a vow this is the year we'll get along, even if he's an asshole.

Like most gardeners, I begin my season by cleaning out my beds and cutting back my perennials and since I'm not the most disciplined person, it surprises me that I would open every gardening season with my least favorite chore. Which got me you tackle your dreaded gardening chores first? Or last? Or a mix of both? What gardening chores do you procrastinate doing? I would love hear from you.

Ahh...Worst Chore is Done


I hope 2012 is a productive and pleasurable gardening season for all of us!


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