Gardening Fashionably or fashionably Gardening?

Let me start this off by talking about the biggest green thumb I know, my grandma. That woman could grow a bird of paradise in the middle of winter. She has the biggest plants and had the biggest garden I had ever seen. Growing up we would go visit her and she would have beans, pumpkins, watermellons, and all sorts of other veggies. She never really bought any produce, she grew it herself. When she grew up in Missouri, she had to learn how to be the gardner and she knows how to solve any gardening problem. Well, in my opinion she does, at 89 why question it? 

I had always attempted to channel that inner gardner to grow anything from sunflowers to cacti. All of which I killed to my mother's bewilderment. "How on earth did you kill a cactus?!" she would say. I have no idea how I killed it all I know is the plant was dead. "You dont even have to do much to it? How?" she could never believe it. And after some contemplation she would sigh and just walk away followed by a phone call to grandma. The phone call would consist of poking fun at me.

So, now that I have my own house, my own yard (eek) and beautiful Florida weather. Beautiful HOT Florida weather. I figured now would be a good time to try to grow my own herb and pepper garden. The reasons that mostly support this are 1. fresh herbs are getting pricey 2.I'll feel a sense of accomplishment. 3. I want fresh salsa.  I tend to think with my stomach alot of the time. I know alot of people who are trying to grow their own veggies at home. For them being in the city its ok, but I have good old Florida wildlife all over the place. From deer, armadillos , sand hill cranes, to the neighbors cat I have it. The deer like to eat everything around here, so I figured they wont eat the pepper plants. I want a tomato plant but not sure where I can put it so they can not get to it. Any suggestions?

At my house we have a big, I mean BIG back porch with a nice herb garden rack. So, far the little plants are doing very well. I check them every day, the sun dries the soil up so fast in those little pots. But I have some great plants growing; red basil, purple basil, regular basil(see the trend?), parsley, onion, and thyme. I tried rosemary but I dont know what happened to it. The plants are so cute and little, I feel so proud that I haven't killed them yet. I am determined to grow this stuff, supermarkets are getting expensive and the plants never look fresh enough.

In the other planter, I spent a good hour deweeding and detakingupwhatwasnotarealweedbutitlookedlikeone before I could put some fresh soil down. Which incidentally ruined my cute Guess flats, yes I know I should have not worn them. I promptly ordered a pair of adorable rainboots afterwards.That planter has some great peppers and some more herbs all of which I can't wait to see grow. For that planter I put some biodegradable pots which are also seed starters. I planted similar seeds   

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