Gardening With My Son: Will This Finally Give Me a Green Thumb?

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It is amusing that I am writing about gardening, because I don't have a green thumb. Just about every plant or flower that has graced my humble abode has met its demise because of my lack of horticultural acumen. Despite my poor track record, I am not going to keep my son from enjoying the marvels of watching the cycle of life. I recall planting a lilac bush outside my front door, and it was beautiful. It required little to no maintenance, and it when it flowered annually the scent was marvelous. Unfortunately, an over-ambitious person cutting our grass over pruned my pretty bush, and that was the end of that.

Pink rose in garden

This year, my son will plant a garden. I am not going to be in charge of this endeavor; I am completely clueless about my gardening, but my mother is coming to the rescue! In January, she told my son that they would plant seeds in our garden as soon as the weather broke. She is sending seeds in preparation for her arrival, and she has scheduled an appointment with me to take her to Home Depot to pick up a watering can, soil, and (I guess?) a gardening kit. They will be growing food in my backyard, and I might join in on the fun by planting a lilac bush in the front yard.

My son is excited; he has been talking non-stop about his garden. Every time we speak to my mother, he asks her when she is coming so that they can plant their seeds. Since my mother is not arriving for another month, I think that I might take a quick trip to Home Depot for a small pot and a tiny bit of soil to plant an herb garden in the house. This will help satiate his desire for gardening and perhaps, for once, I will successfully grow plants in my home.

Gardening with my son will not only allow him to have fun playing in the dirt, but he will have the added responsibility of tending to his garden by watering it and watching everything grow. An added bonus for me will be the exercise that comes from weeding and watering the garden. (Gotta get exercise in whenever possible!)

This gardening experiment may finally help me obtain a green thumb. I am so envious of my friends who have beautiful plants and gardens, while I've only been able to hang pictures of pretty gardens. My only concern about having a garden is the deer that live in the woods behind my home. There is currently nothing in my yard for them to eat, but I have seen them on numerous occasions -- just looking. My hope is that the deer do not eat the fruits of our gardening efforts, but I will be sure to take lots of photos because if the deer do eat the garden we will want photos to document its existence.

To read more about gardening with children visit (they all have infinitely more experience with gardening than I do!):

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