The Garner Files

If you've read this post from the past, then you know I love James Garner.  

And now that I've read The Garner Files, I love him even more!

A good autobiography needs to include interesting anecdotes: check.

And a handful of intimate details you weren't sure you wanted to know about your hero: check.

It should also have a collection of fascinating photo's that you can't help but look through before you start reading, several times while you are reading, and just a few more looks after you read the last line: check.

It should inspire you to revisit the movies and shows that made you a fan of your favorite actor: check.

If it also pulls at your heartstrings and grows your admiration of the man behind the actor, then it is a darn good autobiography!


And in chapter eleven, when he says my favorite movie, Murphy's Romance, is one of his favorite movies....and devotes 4 pages to it and includes the dialogue from the last scene which he considers one of the great love scenes ever which I quite agree with, then, this book is going on my must read again list.

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