Gary Coleman Dead After Brain Hemorrhage

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Within minutes of his death announcement, his Wikipedia entry was already updated to reflect today's date: According to The Washington Post, Gary Coleman -- best known for his role of Arnold on Diff'rent Strokes -- is dead at age 42 after a brain hemorrhage. His death comes two days after suffering a brain injury during a fall outside his home.

News of his death was met with his famous catchphrase: "whatchoo talkin' about, Willis?"

All three co-stars on Diff'rent Strokes experienced difficulties transitioning to adulthood. Dana Plato died in 1999 of a drug overdose, Todd Bridges suffered from drug addiction, and Gary Coleman had a long string of health problems and legal issues.

When I read the news on my Blackberry, I was walking down the steps and let out an audible "oh!" Like most girls in the '70s, I loved Gary Coleman. He was one of the objects of my affection, and I still have my autographed head shot that he sent in response to my fan letter. My sister kept hers tucked into the edge of her mirror frame. Rest in peace, Gary.

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