Gas and Food Prices Soaring – but there’s Hope!

We all see gas prices creeping up day by day.  In a article from CNBC it is reported grocery prices are also rising – up 6.5% since January.  Total energy and food spending take up about 15% of consumer’s spending – up from 12.5% just 2 years ago.  Combine with high unemployment and re-employment at lower salaries, it makes for a difficult time for many Americans.

But there is a bright light.  Technology affords us information that can help us find lower prices, find good deals on food as well as show us how to combine sales with coupons.  With a little investment of time, consumers can save hundreds to thousands of dollars.

To find the lowest gas prices in your area – go to:

To save on food there are so many options!  There are things you can do today to help save:

  • Compare Store brand vs. Name brand – you can save a great deal of money converting to store brand and  many stores guarantee the product – so you can return if not satisfied (check you local store for sure)
  • Aldi’s – if you haven’t visited Aldi – stop by and at least check out their produce section.  They have nice produce at great prices.
  • Shop the sales – purchase sale meats and products – stock up on items that are a good price – base your meals on the sales
  • Shop by yourself so you can focus on getting the best deals and not end up with alot of extra items in your buggy.
  • Check for local growers, food co-ops, CSAs in your area:
  • Check your Sunday paper for restaurant coupons.

Also invest time in taking a in-person or online Couponing class.   Strategies learned can save you thousands of dollars every year!

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