Gastronomically In Tune With One Another

You know those kinds of couples that are all cutesy?

They coordinate their outfits when they go out, or they finish each
others sentences, or they call one another annoying, foo-foo names like
"boo-boo" or "baby," or some other kind of corny nickname. You might
even see them feeding each other and giggling or overhear them saying
the whole "I love you--I love you more" bit.

You know those kinds of couples right? They're so on the same page that it makes you wanna vomit right then and there.

Well, let's get one thing straight...My husband and I are not
one of those googly-eyed, lovestruck couples. Though, there is
something about us that definitely defines us as "meant to be"...You
see, my husband and I understand each other on a whole new level.

Perhaps I should share a little anecdote to help describe just how well my husband and I understand each other...

It's a Sunday evening, and my husband and I are in our respective
spots on the couch watching TV. (By the way, I should inform you that
"our respective spots" can be translated as such: I'm curled up in a
ball on the far left-side of the couch, and he's leaning back lazily on
the complete opposite side of the couch, as far away from me as
possible, with his feet propped up on the ottoman. Heaven forbid, we
actually cuddle while watching TV!) So, picture it...We're watching TV,
and at commercial break, we both jump up from our spots and head to the

"I'm hungry." I announce to my husband non-nonchalantly. (Never mind
the fact that for the past five minutes, instead of listening to Susan
whine to Mike about his most recent relationship with Katherine on
Desperate Housewives, I've been secretly narrowing down a long list of
snack possibilities and have settled on a bowl of cottage cheese with
strawberry jam mixed into it.)

"Me too," he responds. "I'm thinking I'm gonna have some cottage cheese and jam."

"What?!" I screech. "You can't be serious! That's what I wanted to have for a snack."

He laughs and opens the fridge. "You're making that up." He says, reaching for the tub of cottage cheese.

"No...I'm not."

What the heck are the chances that a) A grown man would actually
like something dainty like cottage cheese and jam, or that b) Out of
all the other snacks (fruit, pudding, chips, candy, etc.) we always
have lying around the house, my husband chose to have the exact same thing that I was craving?!

I mean, REALLY?!?!

Oh, and it gets worse...The above scenario happens about once a week. (Not lying, I swear.)

I apologize if you now have the sudden urge to go and vomit.

NOTE: This is cross-posted on the clueless newlywed blog.


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