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The vital role you play in your young athlete’s achievement and success is immeasurable. Here you’ll find expert advice, insights and information to help you support your athlete’s development from moms just like you. 

BECOME Bonus Clip: When The Game Got Serious

In this BECOME bonus clip, we hear from NFL star LaDainian Tomlinson’s mom, Loreane, and football mom, Paula Lorea. The proud mothers discuss witnessing their sons develop a love for the game while establishing a dominant playing role on the field.

BECOME Bonus Clip: Looking Back

In this BECOME bonus clip, we reunite with LaDainian Tomlinson’s mom, Loreane, and football mom, Paula. We compare memories of LaDainian’s early career with memories of Chris’ best games as both moms revisit some of their most prideful moments.


BECOME Bonus Clip: Making Sacrifices

In this BECOME bonus clip, we hear from NFL star LaDainian Tomlinson’s mom, Loreane, and football mom, Paula. We compare the sacrifices both moms made in order to enable their sons to achieve their goals on the field.


Read And Enter To Win: How I Support My Soccer Stars
by Courtney from Storing Up Treasures

As a soccer Mom, I am committed to supporting my children throughout the soccer season. It means that not only am I their chauffer, but I am also their number one fan.  I always want to encourage them to do their best while at the same time having fun and enjoying the game. I encourage them to believe in themselves and the abilities they were gifted with.  I am always right there to cheer them on for every game, to tell them how proud of them I am, and to make sure they are always ready to play their best. Read More and Enter To Win...


BECOME Episode: Loreane Tomlinson

In this episode of Become we meet LaDainian Tomlinson’s mom, Loreane. From the age of nine, LT dreamed of playing professional football. But what did Loreane have to sacrifice and how did she motivate LaDainian to keep going and make his dreams a reality? Watch and find out just how important moms are to their young athletes.


BECOME Episode: Paula Loera

In this episode of Become we meet Paula. A single mom with 4 kids, Paula manages to hold down multiple jobs and be there for her kids every step of the way. Whether it’s her support in sports or in schoolwork, she knows putting in time with her kids is her number one priority and she wouldn’t have it any other way.


Muscle Chow
by Gregg Avedon

Your athlete needs protein after his workout for recovery and muscle health, but if he’s weary of the same old protein shake, try this egg salad sandwich as a tasty alternative. Click to read more.


7 Essential Energy and Recovery Foods
by Stack Magazine

Stock these carbohydrate- and protein-rich foods in your athlete’s sports bag so they will always be prepared for performance and ready to bounce back strong.  Click to read more.

Build Muscle With a Healthy Sandwich
 by Stack Magazine

Beat the boredom of a plain turkey sandwich — and build lean muscle while you’re at it — with this tasty alternative, recommended by New York Jets nutrition consultant Wendy Meyer Sterling. Click to read more.


Hydration: Critical for Performance
By David R. Lamb, Ph.D., The Ohio State University

In the intensity of a tough practice or game, teen athletes don’t realize the amount of sweat they lose.  Click to read more.

Workout Nutrition: Healthy Choices for Your Athlete's Best Performance
 by Kim Wallace

Your athlete needs to build strength and lean muscle to be the best he or she can be both in the game and in the weight room. Click to read more.

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