Gavin McInnes is an Asshat

Gavin McInnes, a right-wing extremist who has also written ‘opinions’ for the White Nationalist/hate group called, recently came on Faux News (shocker, right?) to ‘opine’ that any and all racial profiling Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson has ever experienced is all Dr. Tyson’s own fault because Dr. Tyson ‘fit the profile’ of a scary-ass black man.

Racist Douchewad McInnes said of Dr. Tyson, one of the world’s foremost astrophysicists: “I hate this guy [...] White liberal nerds love this guy so much, he could defecate on them like Martin Bashir's fantasies and they would dance in the streets. All he does is, he's drunk with adulation. And he talks about things like "when I was young in New York I would get racially profiled when I'd go into stores." Back then he looked like he was in The Warriors. He had a huge afro and a cutoff shirt and New York was a war zone. Sorry, you fit the profile.


neil tyson

Look at that terrifying “huge” afro!!! He could NEVER pass for white and is thus OMG it is completely understandable that he would be profiled like the proto-thug he was!!

As the good folks at Wonkette have reported, McInnes “currently writes for Taki’s Magazine, a “paleoconservative” website that publishes overtly racist articles including ones by neo-confederates” and continues to strive to confirm the belief of every sane person on the planet that he is a piece of shit. To wit, “At Taki’s, McInnes has referred to Asian-Americans as “slopes” and “riceballs,” suggested Muslims are “stupider” and “more violent” due to inbreeding, defended blackface because some minstrel shows were “just mimicking black people” and “fun,” backed the racist comments of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, and argued that to yell the n-word at someone is “not racist” but “just very rude.” McInnes is, no surprise, also the “the knuckle-dragger who co-founded Vice, really hates ladies, and spouts that MRA alpha male crap” all over the blogosphere.

I think McInnes, like most racists, is just bitter because in his heart of hearts he knows he is unfit to toss Dr. Tyson’s salad and therefore relies on his pathetic racism to sustain his egocentric worldview. I think McInnes is a shit-kicker who has wet dreams about being spanked by black men in red leather.

I know that's conjecture, but let's be honest -- McInnes totally fits the profile.


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