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So, yesterday was my first real Physical Therapy appointment. Real in the sense that we actually did something instead of looking at me being in pain.

I also had someone different than the first appointment, and this person is a runner, so that’s kinda nice. We talked about goals. I had one. That goal was to be running again as soon as possible. She
was very nice about it, but gently suggested maybe a better goal was to
get healthy, so I could go running with the most chance of avoiding
injury in the future. Whatever.

She also pooh-poohed the idea that the doctor had
given me that I would be running again in about a week (two weeks from
the steroid shot of death). Her actual words, “I will not tell you that
you can’t run. But I will give you two choices. 1) Start running and
come and see me two times a week for the next 4 to 6 months. 2) Hold
off the running until you’re healed and stronger, and see me two times
a week for the next 4 to 6 weeks.”

Stupid choices.

Confession time: Tuesday evening, I went to the
gym. To walk on the treadmill. And I did – for 30 minutes. But, I got a
little excited and ran for 2. Only two, though, so it hardly counts.

Last night, I went on a walk with my good friend
(and occasional commenter) Kim. We did a 3-mile loop, I think. And it
was pretty good. Until the last ¼ mile. The PT had told me that due to
the nature of my injury, I should never push through the pain, but stop
immediately when there is pain. Which, of course, is totally how I roll really hard for me. I will generally push through the pain – and I did let her know that it would be hard for me to not. However, it never occurred to me that maybe I would have
to push the pain if I was still ¼ mile away from the end point, where
the food (yum!) and beer (double-yum!) and my car were. Kim did offer
me a piggy-back, but looked a little less-than-enthusiastic when I
accepted. Hee.

So – trying to take it easy. I am so sore today –
I feel like I did something crazy last night instead of a 2 ¾ mile
power walk followed by a ¼ mile gimpy shuffle. I think between the PT
exercises and the walk, it was more than I’ve done in a couple of
months – which just makes me sad. However, I got the go ahead to go
back to my weights class (yay! see you next Thursday morning at 6 AM)
if I’m careful during squats and lunges, and I can elliptical, and
walk, and yoga. She also mentioned swimming. And then I killed her.

HA! Just kidding. I said I’d think about it. She
wants me to find an aquatic exercise class or a place where I can water
jog. One of the local 24-Hours has an aqua class. Of course it’s all in
the middle of the day on weekdays, but I might try the 10AM Monday
class. Although that might have to wait until 9/15. No
classes on Labor Day, and my next Monday is booked solid (8:30 PT;
10:30 new gym tour; 1:30 Dr. appt.; 4:30 yoga; 6:30 board meeting).

And since I mentioned new gym tour, I have to
admit it’s true: I am gym shopping. I realize that would mean no more
crazy weights with my favorite Portland gym bunnies – but we’ll always have running! And yoga!

Anyhoo – the architect and I are going camping
this weekend –so expect an exciting photo essay on Monday! Nothing says
fun like someone else’s vacation pics, right?