Good Ways to Use Up the Fresh Produce

Summertime is when my fresh kitchen really ramps up. It starts in June with fresh chard from the greenhouse, and raspberries and strawberries from our own bushes. By July we have fresh cabbage, and maybe even a few cherry tomatoes. By August I’m rearranging my fridge to make space for everything that’s bursting out of our garden: zucchini, tomatoes, corn, beans, apricots, and even a few early apples....more

The Kitchen is Overflowing in a Good Way

It's still going to be a while before the tomatoes, eggplant and sweet red peppers are ripe, but I've already been picking plenty of other kitchen garden bounty each day. Red Russian and dinosaur kale, Swiss chard, three kinds of bush beans, onions, garlic, potatoes, and fresh herbs galore. Greek oregano, basil, parsley, chives, lemon thyme and English thyme, rosemary, lemon balm....more

What Having a Fresh Kitchen Means to Me

Need a quick and fresh appetizer for this weekend? Why not put your antipasto platter on a stick! This antipasto skewer recipe is great for cocktail parties and weekend barbeques because they are so easy to handle. We are party people. Be it an intimate dinner or a big holiday bash, making merry with food and friends is part of our family culture. Even the kids get involved when we have an event on the horizon. My little girl has been known to start planning our annual Halloween party and birthday parties months in advance....more

I Love Fresh Produce!

One of my favorite things about summer is our weekly visits to the local Farmer's Market and the daily trips to our own backyard garden. I love the fresh produce! This year my husband planted a whole bed of spinach and other fresh greens for the daily green smoothies he makes for us. It doesn't get much greener and fresher than that! He also put in another bed of strawberries so we have fresh berries to eat and throw into the smoothies too....more

A True Feast for the Senses

In my fantasy world, I live in a beautiful house, with a huge organic garden in my backyard where I grow my own fruits, herbs and vegetables. In this fantasy world, I wake up in the morning greeted through the large bedroom windows by beautiful, tall tomato plants and green herbs. Then after I finish drinking my morning coffee, I go outside and choose my fresh produce for the day....more

How to Put Together a Well-Stocked Refrigerator

VegKitchen’s post on stocking a healthy vegan pantry is one that gets a lot of views, so it occurred to me, in this bountiful season of fresh produce, that we should explore what it takes to keep your refrigerator stocked with fresh foods as well as other natural, wholesome edibles that compliment and bolster them. Read on for my recommendations on how to put together a well-stocked refrigerator that will make healthy plant-strong eating a breeze......more