We Own Our Weeknights

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At the end of the day, where does your family hang out after a long day from school and work? Our best guess would be the kitchen. This is the heart of a home and the central place where families and friends come together to reconnect. GE Appliances help to make the kitchen a comfortable and relaxed space. 

GE Appliances are designed around the consumer's needs. We listen to them. We share with them. They share with us. And that's how we know what innovations to put forward.

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Baked Chicken Bites

The kitchen is by far my favorite room in the house. After all, my DF and I spend the most time in there creating our meals for the day. Since he's a law student and I'm always on the go for work, time is very valuable to the both of us. I like having appliances that can cook my meals in thirty minutes or less so that my DF and I have more time to spend together. I mean, who wants to spend two hours a day waiting for an oven to preheat or your chicken to be done so that you can bake cookies? Or waiting for your flan to set in a refrigerator that doesn't get cold enough? No one....more

The Heart of Our Home

I'm writing right now from what I call my office- THE KITCHEN. My kitchen is the center of everything for me, and it's where I spend most of my time. I do most of my writing at the kitchen table, which is the sunniest spot in the house. Our laundry closet is off of the kitchen, so I also fold laundry here. I cook meals in my kitchen, of course, and make breakfasts and lunches, but I also pay bills here and fill out the many forms my children bring home from school....more

GE Appliances Owning the Weeknights (Giveaway)

as i emerge from the first trimester tummy-death-funk, i am peeking cautiously around the corner and looking forward to my return to the kitchen. one of my least favorite parts about early pregnancy is how much it turns me off to cooking (smell/see/touch my food before it's time to eat it?!? NEVER!) and just all things kitchen in general. opening the refrigerator can be a game of russian roulette. loading the dishwasher? a minefield! there's no telling what unexpected sights/smells i might encounter that will explode me....more

Make your Weeknight Special with The Sweet Sensation Salad

I like big salads. I mean great big salads. Filled to the brim with all sorts of good toppings and an amazing dressing that makes the salad taste way better than it deserves to. It usually feels like too much work to make a salad like that at home - plus store bought salad dressings never do the trick - so I usually just order one at my favorite restaurant. However, my husband's Grandma Lois recently shared the most amazing salad recipe with me (yay Grandma!)....more

Make Your Weeknights Special

Without a doubt, my favorite part of the work week is the hour after we get home from school. Usually, the kids and I are either outside in the front yard or getting dinner ready. It's so nice to just hang with them after a long day of teaching. And they are great sous chefs! We made cupcakes today after school because it was too gross outside to play. They love to pour and stir and sometimes I even let them crack an egg (which was a total failure today, by the way... I dug shells out of the cup Bean broke it into for fifteen minutes...)....more

The Heart Of Our Home

The kitchen is a huge staple in every household. It is the first “punch-in” for the day. We cannot start the day without walking into the kitchen and turning on the stovetop to brew the coffee and make breakfast. It’s the family launch pad for Mr. LMB and myself, and even Bear and Bella, to get together before heading out to take on the day....more

what makes a kitchen the heart of the home

My kitchen is simultaneously the messiest and most cleaned room in my home. It causes me stress and joy simultaneously! I stress over dirty dishes, moldy bread, crumbs on the floor and stains drying and setting in my table cloth as we speak. But then there is the joy. We embrace the joy on weeknights especially, since those are the times when it's easiest to get caught up in the stress of the week and overlook those special moments....more

On kitchens, appliances and family

When we said goodbye to our first house last month, it was a bittersweet day. I knew that it was the right thing to do, but leaving it was so hard. We went around and took pictures of the kids in every room, had some good cries and also some good laughs....and the kids talked about what each of them had done in all of the rooms. But for me? I would undoubtedly say that this was the hardest room for me to leave. The kitchen. My first kitchen. I sometimes have a divided relationship with the kitchen....but I really think it is where my heart is....more

5 ways to Make Family Mealtime Meaningful

Mealtime happens every day. Whether we like it or not. The kids (and adults) must be fed. Even on weeknights. It's just the way it is. Today I'm partnering with GE to help you create an atmosphere that will have everyone (including you) looking forward to family mealtime. Creating a meaningful mealtime is easier than you think... when you know where to start....more

A Family Get Together and a little Family Story

In the beginning of March, my step son's girlfriend was in town visiting from across the country. Now that our kids are young adults/college students, it's super hard to get everyone around the table, since we are all running in different directions. That means, when we can have a family get together, or get most of us together, we really treasure that family time. We celebrated her arrival with a delicious homemade pot pie, my father-in-law's secret family recipe, and the ultimate comfort food!...more