Gearing Up for BlogHer '13: Pre-Conference Fears & VOTY Thoughts

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BlogHer '13 is right around the corner! With the quickly approaching dates and recent announcements, the number of posts you have been writing in your own spaces has sky-rocketed. As always, we're reading along -- and bringing your words to our readers to help calm their fears, get them excited, and, yes, help calm some fears, too. Let's see what people are saying this week.

BlogHer '13

If you're nervous about the upcoming conference, don't be. As Farmer's Wifey pointed out in a post talking about her excitement on coming to America from Australia for the conference, we've already made connections and "know" one another!

And that's the thing. I won't be alone. I"ve already connected with many bloggers online from America, Australia and a lovely girl from France (hi Jennie!). As Virginia wrote today "we are hanging out now, we are socializing so we have a frame of reference when we meet in person. We have icebreakers".

Still a little bit nervous? Shan at Sweet Stella's shared some great advice as a conference veteran.

Be you.

Sweet and simple. Be who you are. If you are a fashion and trend blogger, be that person. If you are a foodie, be that person.

Embody your blog.

Posts about the Voices of the Year announcement have been making their way in as well. Cindy Reed from The Reedster Speaks showed her excitement and humor in her Voices of the Year announcement post.

Me: So, I had two goals when I started blogging. DO YOU WANT TO HEAR THEM???

Matt: Um, yes?

Me: 1) To get picked for Voices of the Year. 2) To be BFFs with The Bloggess.

Matt: Congratulations. You’re halfway there.

It's obvious why she god a nod in the Humor category for her post entitled, Real Moms Don't Wear Thongs.

Mary Laura Philpott from I Miss You When I Blink was nominated by a friend and quite shocked when she received a VOTY nod. I giggled through her post, and would imagine that all who read would accept either of her offerings.

Anyway, the moral of the story is: I am a moron. But I am also tickled by this delightful little surprise, really honored, and grateful to the staff and readers at BlogHer. Once I finally read the announcement and clued in, I realized that the committee had read and evaluated nearly 3,000 blog posts in order to choose the 100 Voices Of The Year. Holy matchsticks, that’s a lot of work and reading. Somebody get these people a round of margaritas and some eyedrops.

You can read When I Blink's post, Cursing: An Editorial Style Guide, VOTY '13 in Humor.

Ann Imig of Ann's Rants (and Listen to Your Mother) shared her excitement at being selected to read at the Voices of the Year Community Keynote in Chicago. She shared about her journey on making it to this point, along with encouragement for others.

The truth is, if I would’ve been selected to read in 2009—at my first BlogHer—I doubt that Listen To Your Mother would even exist. Ambition serves as such a powerful force. Whatever it is you’re working on, keep at it. Rejections mean you haven’t found the right home for your work (or not at this time). Keep knocking on doors. Or better yet, go build a home of your own.

Join Ann after the Voices of the Year keynote and reception at 9PM for the Open Mic Salon. I'll be there too, listening to all of your great pieces!

And maybe... maybe (like me)... your work wasn't picked for Voices of the Year this time around and you're feeling... feelings. I encourage you to take a look at Heather's post over at The Extraordinary Ordinary. She has smart things to say that might make you feel better. Like this:

So friends, not having your post picked does not mean you and your work are not worthy of being picked. It means that even if you will not be reading from the stage at the end of July and if you weren’t an honorable mention, your words were taken seriously and felt. They were respected and maybe even admired and there were just soooo many! It can be kind of like one big TIE, you know? And then it comes down to the flow of the pieces and the weaving of topics that go together but can’t be the same and and and….

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like hours and hours of work and then more hours and it sounds HARD.

We're continuing to keep up with everything you're saying, whether via the #BlogHer13 hashtag on Twitter or in your own spaces. Don't forget to check our BlogHer '13 landing page for the Agenda (note: read this important update too), our amazing Sponsors, info about our Speakers and more! You can still register, but don't delay!


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