Gearing up for Preschool

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[Editor's Note: Whether you homeschool year round, take summers off or just like to help your kids learn the nuts and bolts of education, this great little post by An Ordinary Mom is a must read. She whipped up some adorable and useful printables to start working more intentionally on learning with her two and four year old kids. They're so cute. Do you use printables with your just-learning-to-write aged kids? What are your favorite resource sites? -Jenna]

Gearing Up for Preschool:

Homeschool printablesWhile we claim to homeschool year round, we readily admit to taking it easy, academically speaking, through the summer. A math lesson or two per week, and lots of reading and music practice (our older 4 children play violin), but nothing real heavy or structured happens for some weeks while the kids are busy outside playing in water, or sand, or both, or staying cool in the basement, listening to books on tape, crawling through forts, or pretending to camp indoors. Sometimes learning just happens, even at the breakfast table. I love that about homeschooling! (Though, you know, you certainly don’t have to be a homeschooling family to encourage learning at the breakfast table, or any other time the opportunity might arise!)

I spent some time earlier this week creating some new printables to use with our youngers as we get back into the academic swing of things, and I’m pretty excited to get playing with them.

Continue reading to check out these fantastic printables.

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