Geek Lab and Room of Your Own Sessions – Part One

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BlogHer '09 In Real LifeOne thing I love about BlogHer is how much our conference is actually programmed by the BlogHer community. We listened when you suggested panel ideas and speakers for the programmed tracks of BlogHer '09. And now we're soaking up all the ideas you're submitting through our polling system for the Geek Lab and Room of Your Own sessions. Over the next few months, I'll be culling through those ideas and writing about them each week. We're counting on you to help us choose which to offer this summer in Chicago, so start voting (or submitting ideas) now! Below are a few that caught my attention.

Geek Lab

1. You and Your Stylesheet, proposed by Virginia DeBolt
Considering how many times lately I've broken my personal blog, usually because of something I do when trying to edit my stylesheet, this is definitely a Geek Lab that I'd attend. I need all the help I can get, despite how often I try to convince myself I know what I'm doing. I don't. Good thing Virginia does.

2. Make your blog more accessible - to people with disabilities, mobile device users, and even the almighty Google, proposed by Skye Kilaen
Skye has bailed me out every single time I've broken my personal blog, and because of that alone she's achieved almost god-like status in my book. She's smart, she's funny, she's patient and she wants to help you make your blog more accessible. Let her.

3. How To Make A Simple Video - Windows Movie Maker 2, proposed by Gena Haskett
I recently made my first jump into the video-blogging world, and chose probably the most difficult task available: editing down 60 minutes of footage to three minutes. It took me seven hours. I think learning to make a simple video is right up my alley, don't you? (Not to mention how hot video blogging has become - have you ventured into the v-log world yet?)

Room of Your Own

1. Grassroots Citizen Media in Small Rural Communities, proposed by Onedia Hayes Sylvest
Having grown up in Nowhere, USA, I know just how much these small cities love reading about themselves - and how important local sites are to help that community develop pride in its identity. If you ever thought that there's nothing to write about your town or that no one would read it, think again - and Onedia will be there each step of the way, showing you how such a site can successfully benefit your community.

2. Blogging about your special needs child, proposed by Ellen Seidman
Ever thought you were alone in blogging about your special needs child? Want to share your tips, tricks and stories? Interested in helping other parents define for themselves the answer to "How Far Is Too Far" when it comes to blogging about their children's lives? Last year's MommyBlogging session on Special Needs Children was a hit, and Ellen plans to bring it back for Round Two.

3. Blogging as Storytelling, proposed by Neil Kramer
Some of my favorite blogs are those that rope me in, tug at my heartstrings, make me laugh until I cry. If you love telling stories, or just want to learn to do it better, this panel on writing well and creative expression is just the place for you. Learn why storytelling is important in blogging, and how you can use it to attract loyal readers.

Visit the Geek Lab and Room of Your Own polling systems to see the full list of suggested panels. Do any stand out to you? Let me know, and I may feature them in this space next week!


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