Geek Lab: Creating (or Massively Altering) a WordPress Theme (Int. to Adv.)

More and more of our community are using Wordpress. Ed Donahue and Shazia Mistry will focus on taking your blog design and layout to new heights, getting into the nuts and bolts of everything beyond basic HTML and CSS.


Creating a WordPress Theme, led by Shazia Mistry
Learn to create a magazine-style website with WordPress and Thematic. Thematic is a WordPress framework theme, with 13 widget-ready sidebars. In the session we will be dismantling an existing blog - taking a close look at the WordPress tags and templates that makes up a dynamic and highly functional website. Prerequisites: Previous experience modifying WordPress themes, working knowledge of html, css, php (as it applies to WordPress development).

Modifying a WordPress theme, led by Ed Donahue
Take a look under the hood of your WordPress theme to take your blog to new heights. Learn about the required elements of a WordPress theme and how to modify them to fit into your blog’s unique visual style. Prerequisites: Previous experience with or, some familiarity with CSS, HTML and PHP is a plus.


These are workshop-type sessions; if you're coming with a laptop, feel free to have a sandbox WordPress installation ready, and thematic downloaded and activated as your active theme. Come with your existing WordPress issues.