Geek Lab: Your Online Legacy: How to Control Your Digital Footprint (All)

Do you know what will happen to your blog, your Facebook page, your Twitter account, or any other element of your online presence if something should happen to you? We often talk about women building new histories that honor their day-to-day lives via blogs, but how will that legacy be preserved for posterity? Or, conversely, how do you make sure that certain elements are not preserved? In this session, Rosemary Jean-Louis and Kristen Kuhns walk you through current privacy issues, such as what happens if you are no longer around to respond to comments on your blog or social networking status updates. We’ll discuss which internet archival systems exist, what you’ve already agreed to have archived online (even though you may not be aware that you did), how to take inventory of your digital life, and what you should do with them to define and create what you want your digital legacy to be.