Geek for the Real Girl

NO! This site is not just for girls but by a real girl;). But now you may be wondering what this site is all about well let me tell you;).

Geek for the Real Girl is a bit of a passion project. I am a huge geek who loves comic books, video games, scifi, tech, science,  you name it. But I am a real girl. That means as much as I love to geek out I have to balance it with my very real life! For example I am not allowed to play World of Warcraft. Why? Because I would love it too much and I don’t have time to play.

Based on this duality I have become what my husband likes to refer to as a “gateway geek” for others! I sift through the copious amounts geekery and tech in the world to share the jewels with everyone. I have been doing this in real life for years and have finally decided to bring that to the internet!

A disclosure about this site. It might get to a PG-13 rating (the rest of my sites are G/PG). I also don’t recommend sites I link to for anything beyond the specific thing I am linking to unless I declare it. So if you find some sort of raunchy stuff on College Humor or Imgur, don’t complain to me!!!