Geeky Mom: "Cry Translator" iPhone App


Iphone app-cry 

Ever wonder what your baby's cries mean? The iPhone Cry Translator app identifies five distinct cries made by infants



  • hungry
  • sleepy
  • annoyed
  • stressed
  • bored


The iPhone Cry Translator app is supposed to identify the type of cry within 10 seconds. Amazing or too good to be true? I think Mom can be just as quick and maybe more reliable, but the app is worth a try.

According to the developers, once you know the type of cry, you have a starting point for understanding how to comfort your child. 

Note to readers: I have not tried this device. My kids are older, but I wish I it had been available back then.

Does this app work for deciphering the whines of older kids and even spouses? I'll get back to you later with my take on that topic.

Chris is a freelance writer and illustrator. She also answers to the names of chief dog walker, grocery hauler, and "the one with the keys to the car."



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