I was at Mike’s house and he decided to order some food to go, and it just turned plain ugly.

As Mike was ordering his food (over the phone), people kept talking to him as he tried to answer questions, so when the woman on the other line asked for his phone number (in the midst of two other conversations) he accidentally gave the first 3 digits of his number and the last 4 digits of his dad’s number. It happens…I guess.

We went to pick up the food and there was nowhere to park, so I was to go in, pick it up, and he’d circle around the block to pick me up.

As soon as the waitress screamed, “PHONE NUMBA! I NEED PHONE NUMBA!” I should have known there would be trouble…because I had no phone numba.

I politely told her, “Sorry, I don’t have the phone number. I’m picking up the food for somebody else, but I can tell you what they ordered.” And then she became distracted and started shuffling quickly through the restaurant…I just stood there…waiting.

And she comes back. “YOU DON’T HAVE PHONE NUMBA??”

“No, sorry, I don’t have it, but I can tell you the order.”

And then irritated grumbling. “WHAS YOU ODA?” (“What did you order?”) So I tell her the order, she finds it and gives it to me, and then I pay. She’s getting my change and as she brings her hand towards me, I extend my hand to get the change from her, but she just drops it onto the counter next to me…

Still, politely, I thank her and am on my way…oh, but not yet! She runs outside screaming, “COME BACK! HEY! COME BACK!”

I go back and there seems to have been a mix-up with the orders. Apparently she gave another man my order and gave his order to me. I had already been there for about ten minutes, so at this point I didn’t have much of a smile on my face. Usually I would have, but I was exhausted. I had spent the day before having fun with my cousin out and about (and walked a few miles), we went to a restaurant and danced, not getting home until about 11:30, and then having a cousin chat in my bedroom until 4:30 AM, and then I got up at 9:00 AM.

I. Was. Tired.

The lady, extremely irritated, told the man (the other customer), “She say this is her food! She say this is her order!” “She” meant me…apparently I told her that the bag of food she gave me was mine, and it was my fault for the mix up. No. I just took the bag she gave me and left. She is freaking out, waiting on tables, dropping money all over the place, her Cheesecake Factory pen literally flying out of her hands (we were not at the Cheesecake Factory…) and she hands me a different bag. I take the bag and she barks, “GEEV ME MO’ MONEY!”

I just gave her a blank stare. Really, that’s how you tell your customer that they owe additional money. I guess I didn’t act quickly enough because she barked, again, “GEEV ME MO’ MONEY! WHAT’S IN YOU WALLET?!” I couldn’t even believe she was acting like this, and I just opened the wallet and showed her.


I just looked at her with a look that said, “Are you ok?” and gave her the id="mce_marker"0 bill. Again, she threw the change on the counter next to me. Whatever…I just thanked her and left.

Oh, but it’s still not over. I get to the car, open the box, and see that she has yet again given me the wrong food. And back I go…

“Hi, I’m sorry, but this is not what I ordered.”


“This is salmon, not chicken.”

And she gets mad. Takes it to the back, comes back out and tells me to wait.

I wait.

Here comes a man with my food, so I open the box to make sure it’s right…what do you know, it’s missing something. I was nervous to tell her that it was missing something, but I did.

“This is right-this is chicken, but it’s missing the California roll.”

And here’s where it got ugly…


“Yes…I did.”


“Yes…I did. It was in here before, and now it is gone.”

“GEEV ME MO’ MONEY!” (Now at this point I had absolutely HAD. IT. with the GEEV ME MO’ MONEY attitude.)

“More money? No, I already paid.”


“Why should I give you more money?”


“Yes, I did. I payed you.”

Turns out I actually didn’t pay for the CA roll, but it wasn’t my fault because she kept getting the order wrong. So fine, I gave her the money for the CA roll and she snatched it out of my hands. She decided to call the person who placed the order (Mike), but I knew it wasn’t a really number. She dialed and then yelled, “DAMN! WRONG NUMBA!” Hah…I had to try so hard not to laugh.

So, finally, the guy comes out with my food again and the lady starts screaming at me, “WHEN YOU ORDER FOOD YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU ORDERED!”

Ok. I’ve had it. I was SO irritated and tired that I didn’t even care. I was so serious and stern with her, which I usually am not. Usually I just smile and say “Ok, sorry, thank you!” No…I just had it up to here with her and as I was talking, I could hear myself in my head thinking, “Are you really acting like this? People are watching you…this is embarrassing.” But I really didn’t care.

“I DO know what I ordered. I told you THREE times what I ordered.”


“YES, I do know how to order. I told you THREE times-you couldn’t keep track of it.”


And then I cut her off and said, “I KNOW how to order food. I TOLD you what I ordered and you got the order wrong THREE times. You are wrong.”

At that point, another waitress came up to me and said, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!” So I turned to her with a smile and sweetly said, “It’s ok!”

And then I continued to tell the woman that she is a rude idiot, without actually saying those words, and finally I got, “Ok, ok. You are right. You are right.” And I just looked at her and said, “Ok.”

All of a sudden she is kissing my butt, with such a sweet voice, asking me, “Do you think three chopsticks will be ok for you today?” Yes, yes I do think three pairs of chopsticks will be ok for me today. I only need one, but I’d be glad to take extra from you. I also noticed that people who were dining in were getting a coupon for a free sushi roll, but the people with takeout were not given the coupon. But not me.

“Do you think you would like a coupon for a free sushi roll?” Yes, yes I would like some free stuff, thank you.

I gave her a big smile and thank you and I was finally out of there.


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